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As an entrepreneur, business owner, nonprofit executive, or pastor, you are primarily concerned with the longevity of your organization and service--you want to thrive in your community and have it outlive you--while also being aware of the tightrope of demands that are necessary to keep your organization afloat:

  • Financials, Accounting, Taxes, and Payroll

  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies

  • Sales Strategies for Business and Fundraising

  • Product/Service Development

  • Leadership and People Development

  • Hiring and Building a Team

  • Team Building and Communication

Your passion is for your business to succeed and make an impact in your community and market. You have worked countless hours and poured your heart, time, and resources into building your organization. That's why we believe in building leaders, because we love working with driven, mission-oriented people like you! We want to help you reach your full potential and help you harness the power of your team. Whether your team is on your payroll, volunteer, or outsourced, we believe in helping teams work together.

When we think about harnessing teams, we picture draft horses. They are powerful animals capable of pulling nearly 8,000 pounds by themselves, but harness two of these horses together, and an amazing thing happens, they double their individual output pulling nearly 32,000 lbs!

If two horses harnessed together are able to pull 32,000 pounds, I wonder what your team can do when they are harnessed together? We believe in your team each person is able to do their job well, but working together they will accomplish 2-3 times more. With training and practice, they can accomplish as much as 4 times more. We like to solve 16 ton problems! By harnessing your team, maximizing their strengths, and minimizing their weaknesses, you will see incredible results!

Training designed for you and your organization

We are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit leaders, and pastors to maximize their impact. Our goal is to equip you with the tools, skills, and knowledge to create lasting impact in and through your organization by implementing and aligning your values in every aspect of what you do.

We are committed to bringing high-quality, interactive training to you and your organization so that you can maximize your results. We use a variety of assessments, resources, and strategies to ensure that our training fits your organization, team, and timeframe.

As a entrepreneur, business owner, non-profit leader, or pastor, you play a crucial role in serving others in your community and market. However, leading and managing a business, non-profit organization, or church, can be challenging. You need to balance multiple responsibilities, engage investors, clients, and/or donors, as well as inspire your team to achieve their goals. That's where we come in.

Our training programs are designed to provide you with comprehensive training that addresses your unique challenges and needs. We offer a range of courses, workshops, retreats, keynotes, and coaching options that cover topics such as:

  • Leadership and management skills

  • Sales strategies for Fundraising and Business

  • Vision, Mission, and Values development and implementation

  • Strategic planning and implementation

  • Board governance and development

  • Community outreach and engagement

  • Communication and marketing strategies

  • Faith-based leadership and ministry

Our training programs are led by David and Elizabeth Swihart who have a deep understanding of business, the non-profit sector, and pastoral ministry practices.

David is a licensed, credentialed, and ordained pastor, a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Executive Program Director, and a DISC-Certified Behavioral Analyst.

David has over 10 years of full-time ministry experience plus 8 years of part-time experience in local churches, 6 years of experience working in a local non-profit as an executive director, and 8 years of entrepreneurial and business experience running Next Steps Coaching, LLC.

Elizabeth has worked in supportive roles in each of David’s ministries as well as working in a local government office as an assistant to the assessor. She is also a Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker and a DISC-Certified Trainer.

We will work with you to develop a customized training plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

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The fact is that all teams need a strategic way to stay on track with their vision, values, and goals.

Investing in our training programs are a wise choice for any entrepreneur, business owner, non-profit leader, or pastor who wants to improve their skills, strengthen their organization, and create lasting impact for their faith and community. Our clients have gone on to achieve significant successes in their organizations and communities, and we are confident that you will too.

If you are looking to achieve some of these results:

  • Increased productivity

  • Higher quality work

  • Better team collaboration and communication

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Improved team morale

  • Stronger leaders

  • Increased sales revenue/donor contributions

If you are ready to take your business, non-profit, or ministry to the next level, we invite you to connect with us today. Contact us to learn more about our training programs and how it can benefit you and your organization. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and create lasting impact for your faith and community.  

Ready to discover how you can take your team to the next level? Contact us today for a free consultation and schedule your 45-minute complimentary training and discovery session for your team or business. This training covers the following topics:

  • Team Communication

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Growth and Development

  • Productivity and Time Management

  • Mindset and Attitude

  • Leading Effective and Productive Meetings

  • Increasing Your Sales Influence